Mother, Madre, Mère

I received this beautiful necklace as a gift. A circular pendant inscribed with the word Mother translated into 13 different languages. Amazing to realize that throughout many different cultures, the word for mother is very similar. Mom, Matka, Mae, Mutter, Moeder. 

Being a parent is a wonderfully rewarding and challenging role.  Becoming a parent was a game changer for me, it moved my life in a very positive and creative direction.  Sometimes while in the midst of day to day challenges, it can be hard to remember all of the positives, but my focus always remains the same: What I do today, how I behave, the decisions I make – how will this affect my child?

I always encourage parents that I work with to think about that before they make any decisions about their actions/behaviors or how to respond to others actions/behaviors.  Hopefully it will put things into perspective fast and they will make better decisions while under difficult circumstances.

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