12 DUI’s


I read an article last night that has stuck with me longer than most. A man in Tennessee was arrested for his 12th DUI after dropping off a teenager (his child?) at a school for troubled teens.  What is wrong here? Has the criminal system failed him, the child, and the community?

This short illustration creates more questions and issues for how we handle addiction, DUI’s, and the affect on children.

Might this be the reason the child is enrolled at a school for troubled teens? Most states require counseling for a DUI arrest, but what do we do when it is perceived that counseling has not/will not work? I can list about 100 + questions, concerns…obviously the cookie cutter solutions are not working for this man, his family, or the community that is harmed by his dangerous activities.

He has not changed while involved in the criminal system. Do you think restorative justice can help a 12 time DUI offender? Ideas?

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