Future Focused

The Future Focused Method is what I call my method for working with individuals and families.  The concept was developed after years of practicing family law and substance abuse counseling where I observed thathope many individuals focus on what happened in the past.  This misplaced focus was causing paralyzing anger and it greatly diminished the ability to effectively communicate, make decisions, or cope with life transitions.

I promote being future focused in both family law and substance abuse counseling matters as it is one of the most productive methods I know to motivate clients to collaborate, cooperate, engage, effectively communicate, and improve their future.

My clients will often ask, “what is the past good for then?” For one, looking to the past is a great way to gain insight.  We can learn about what works and what does not.  Therefore, as you will see on this site, I like to use past or current events, some serious some silly, as illustrations and learning tools to encourage positive change and help build a better future.

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